[Edit: 11th July 2012. The videos below seem to have been removed from Youtube so for now I’ll link to some articles on the topics that were here. For the stateless west see a short video by Tom Woods here, a longer article at the mises website here and finally a full academic PDF on the topic by the same authors here. Here’s a reading of an article about stateless Ireland. Finally, here’s a piece, again from the Mises Institute website, that talks about Stateless Iceland. David D. Friedman (son of Milton Friedman) has also written extensively on anarchy in Iceland and you can read that here. Hopefully the videos will return at a later date]

Often people will say that there has never been an example of a working stateless society and that it is some utopian fantasy. This is not true. Many people have written about the following but Ryan Faulk’s videos over at Fringe Elements are an excellent introduction:

Stateless Iceland:

Stateless Ireland:

The stateless west: