My contention has long been that the difference between the State and the Mafia is only one of perception and that in actuality they operate in almost identical ways and attract into their ranks the same kinds of violent sociopaths. That said, it’s rare that you see a high level politician really showing his violent sociopathic personality for all to see ON CAMERA, so it’s a real delight to see Congressman Bob Etheridge assault some college kid because he won’t instantly give him his name. Remember, most congressmen are smarter than Bob Etheridge and only do things like this privately, but do not be fooled, THEY ARE ALMOST UNIVERSALLY LIKE THIS!

At first the editing seemed slightly fishy to me, like there might be something missing, but I found this page which shows what happened from the two camera angles and there is no manipulation here.

Another thing to note is that these college kids were questioning the guy OUTSIDE A POLITICAL EVENT, it’s not like they’d stalked him and caught him coming out of a brothel or something. Don’t misunderstand me, the assault wouldn’t be justified even in that case but if he’s capable of this kind of behaviour in this very public situation, when there is a camera on, try to imagine what he’s like behind the scenes.