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Entries for June, 2010

Video of the day: World Collapse Explained in 3 Minutes

Some people say that the best comedy requires a ring of truth; this video makes that case superbly:

Video of the day: Nancy Pelosi’s double standard on the minimum wage

Another Jan Helfeld classic: A good thread from our forum that discusses the minimum wage can be read here.

Privatize the oceans! (BP oil spill)

Felt the latest by Ryan Faulk–discussing the BP spill again–was very good. Discussion near the end touches on an important point, if the oceans were privatised disasters like these would be much less likely to happen because you wouldn’t be able to externalise losses onto taxpayers like you can when the government owns all the […]

Escape from Terra

I’ve recently been reading Escape from Terra, it’s a sci-fi graphic novel that explores anarcho-capitalist themes–highly recommend. You can read it online here. Sorry for the dearth of content lately. I had a heavy weekend doing things the government probably wouldn’t approve of.

In a Truly Free Market, BP Would Be Toast

Kevin Carson explains the BP oil spill and why, as usual, government meddling is probably to blame: That’s right.  No matter how bad an oil spill, no matter how many billions of dollars of economic damage it causes, the company is only liable for $75 million over and above cleanup costs.  And they can probably […]

Video of the day: John Stossel – Going Green

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