The forth in my series of wallpapers commemorating favourite anti-state icons. David D. Friedman is the author of Machinery of Freedom which was the inspiration for this design. If you haven’t looked at the book before you should do so at once, it’s online for free! His blog is frequently updated with interesting insights; his lectures are some of the most interesting I’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to– I don’t say that lightly.

Friedman was the first suggestion as the next in this series in the comments section of my Rothbard entry. Thanks Mr. Civil Libertarian (visit his blog) and I open up the floor for suggestions for icon #5 below.

[click for full size 1920×1200]

David Friedman Wallpaper Preview

#1 Hans-Hermann Hoppe

#2 Thomas E. Woods

#3 Murray Rothbard

#4 David. D. Friedman