I am Matthew Mitchell (not Davy) and I have developed an iOS app designed for the lovers of liberty. The app is free to download and it contains the following features:

Feeds – View the latest articles from The UK Libertarian, the Ludwig von Mises Institute (mises.org) and the Cato Institute (cato.org). Many more feeds are to come with updates.

Videos – View the latest videos from the Mises Media, Cato Institute and Freedomain Radio (freedomainradio.com) youtube channels.

Chat – Talk to other like-minded people on the topic of liberty and economics on the #uklibertarian and #mises IRC channels.

Map – Plot your coordinates on a map (if you choose) and take a look at the locations of other users of the app around the world. Who knows? You may even find another libertarian at walking distance away.

The application is free on the app store now.

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