Question: Do you think the state should regulate who has children and who doesn’t?

If your answer to this is no, then I agree. I would guess that a large majority of people would answer the same.

Most people feel like this is intuitively wrong. That it would be almost totalitarian.

However if I were to try to argue with the average person that the government has no right to prevent people from contracting with unlicensed doctors they would usually disagree. They would likely argue that if this were allowed to happen then cowboy doctors would be running around offering low cost operations and people would end up mistakenly going to a real life Dr. Nick Riviera, with predictably dire consequences…

The same if I argue that there should be no *government* food inspectors. Or housing inspectors. “You would be poisoned!”, “Your house would fall on your head!!!”

The implicit argument for why we need this licensing is that people are either too stupid or too illinformed to make the correct choices if anybody could enter the market. They apparently need the government to watch over the various industries and make sure that only the “approved” professionals can offer their services.

But if people are not to be trusted to hire their own plumbers without government oversight then please explain to me how they can be trusted to HAVE CHILDREN?

If a person fucks up and hires a cowboy plumber they incur the full costs of their mistake upon themselves. The same if they go to a doctor who hasn’t passed the BMA’s monopoly licensing system.

If a person has a child they are responsible for an entirely new HUMAN BEING. Even small amounts of neglect can dangerously damage their future prospects as adults. Parents are entrusted to care for the child behind closed doors and in that position of unregulated authority are able to do almost anything to the child. Despite this nobody need take a test to become a parent; no certificate has to be obtained.

Having a child is the most responsibility many people will ever take on in their lives, and yet we take it for granted that anybody should be allowed to undertake this task regardless of how qualified they are to do so.

And yet those same people are apparently not to be trusted in hiring their own choice of electrician… or of becoming one without the officially approved training.

The truth of the matter is that government licensing is not there to protect the public. Rather all licensing is lobbied for by the existing industries to artificially increase the prices they can charge. By creating these barriers to entry people who are less qualified are unable to undercut on price–always the biggest fear for those who have become accustomed to being able to charge high prices for their service.

As far as I’m concerned liberals need to start being a lot more consistent. Either you should start arguing that people need to take a 3 year course to learn how to be a parent before they come off the contraceptives, or you embrace liberty and allow free people to decide for themselves who they voluntarily contract with in all situations. If they want to go to an unlicensed physiotherapist that should be between them and the physio. Your opinion, or the opinion of bureaucrats, really shouldn’t come into it.